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MyHeli for Lifestyle

Helicopter travel can become an element of your life allowing you to make the most of where you are going while doing so in style. MyHeli is a lifestyle option for discerning people who want to get the most from their days. Our service is for those who want to travel hassle free, experience luxury, and arrive in comfort feeling refreshed when they step out of the aircraft.

Want to see Mount Snowden? Why not see it from both, the air and from the ground. Want to spend more time with the grandchildren who are 200 miles away? Recapture that travel time as valuable moments and memories. Whether it is visiting business contacts, friends and family, or a need for a whirlwind tour of the UK’s beauty spots, we cannot think of a better way to travel than by helicopter. Need to travel with your children or four legged friends? We welcome little passengers as well.

Your schedule is our schedule, we are ready to pick you up at very short notice. The fact that we can operate from small sites makes our helicopters an ideal transport alternative to increasingly congested roads. You can land in remote open spaces, parking lots or on top of buildings. Many luxury hotels also have their own helipads for VIP guests.

What would it be, a three-hour drive or a thirty-minute air-conditioned helicopter flight?

The perks of helicopter flying

Spend more time at your destination

Turn that travel time into more time for exploration, creating memorable moments, capturing those amazing views, reminiscing with your parents, playing with your grandchildren or celebrating that graduation. Spend more time at your weekend gateway or at your holiday destination.

Get to more places

You are not tied down by waiting for other passengers, you are not restricted by runway availability and you do not need a permission from air traffic control to take off (subject to exceptions). Just give us your itinerary for the day and relax.

Get there rested and safer

Flying with MyHeli will add speed and comfort to your journey and remove the frustrating and tiring bits, not forgetting that flying on average is overwhelmingly safer than driving a car. You will feel refreshed and exhilarated when you step out of the aircraft.

VIP Treatment

Everything revolves around you, not the other way around. There are advantages when you fly with us such as skipping the airport queues, private security, private concierge services, our own luggage handlers or an on-board bar.

Enjoy the view

High enough for the bird’s eye view of the amazing landscape below, low enough to avoid clouds. Enjoy amazing and unique views from your seat.

Our Fleet

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Why Us?

We are totally in control of our own destiny with everything needed for efficient operation in-house.

Wide selection of primarily owned helicopters

Fully accredited engineering facility

200 years of cumulative engineering experience

Aircraft livery and refurbishment

200 years of cumulative engineering experience

Aircraft livery and refurbishment