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Time, as they say, is definitely of the essence for today’s ever more busy executives. Speedy and efficient travel is a key management tool when faced with unavoidable travel. Helicopter flight provides this benefit as well as avoiding road traffic delays, overnight hotel stays, and the myriad of frustrations presented by overland travel. With an abundance of caution, we are sanitizing our aircraft before and after each flight and instructing our crew to maintain as much social distancing as possible.

Nothing dampens the fun and excitement of a day out with friends and family more than a miserable travel experience. Why not add some speed and comfort to your journey with a safe and enjoyable helicopter flight?

Those special people in your life will forever remember the day. On top of that, you will be picked up at a convenient location and taken directly to your destination.

MyHeli Fleet

You can choose from our wide selection of primarily owned aircraft including our mainstay, the venerable and safe Augusta 109. With its twin-engine safety and ultimate versatility, this 8-seater will surely meet your needs.

Once we know the mission, we will guide you to the best helicopter for the job. If we do not have the perfect aircraft, we will find it.


Owner Services

It goes without saying that owning a helicopter is not a trivial undertaking. There are financial, operational legal and engineering considerations to be addressed.
MyHeli delivers the most comprehensive range of services on the market to ease this potential burden and ensures trouble free ownership. We tailor our services to meet all your needs.


Hangar Services

With EASA / CAA certifications we are approved to provide minor inspections, repairs as well as both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. We will also undertake full helicopter refurbishment and testing including power plant, controls, avionics, cabin amenities and livery in our extensively equipped 12,000 square metre hangar and workshop.


Why Us?

We are totally in control of our own destiny with everything needed for efficient operation in-house.

Wide selection of primarily owned helicopters

Fully accredited engineering facility

200 years of cumulative engineering experience

Aircraft livery and refurbishment

200 years of cumulative engineering experience

Aircraft livery and refurbishment