Fractional Ownership

If your flying needs do not justify full ownership of an aircraft, we are happy to create a fractional ownership program for you.
We can build an ownership group using our own extensive relationships in the industry, or assist in building a group from your own potential partners, whether as individuals or as an established consortium.

Preservation of capital... with fractional ownership.

Preservation of capital

Since you will be buying a share of an aircraft, your capital expenditure is significantly reduced. Your share can also be tied to your planned usage offering further capital preservation options.

Reduced running costs

Your running costs are directly related to your share of the ownership, so the cost of maintenance, management, insurance, etc. are all shared among your partner owners.

Only pay for flight time you need

Depending on your usage patterns, shared ownership can be more cost-effective per flown hour than charter. You determine how much time you need and all cost will be directly related only to your flying requirements.

Most of the benefits of ownership

You will still have the comfort of familiarity with your own aircraft, the ownership of an asset with some return on the investment, and the knowledge that you will have private access.

Why Us?

We are totally in control of our own destiny with everything needed for efficient operation in-house.

Wide selection of primarily owned helicopters

Fully accredited engineering facility

200 years of cumulative engineering experience

Aircraft livery and refurbishment

200 years of cumulative engineering experience

Aircraft livery and refurbishment